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McDonald’s unveils Starbucks competitor in the US

McDonald's has announced its new restaurant idea, CosMc's, which would operate in the same market segment as Starbucks and the first outlet of which is due to open in a part of Chicago later this month. 

By the first half of 2024, the company hopes to be in 10 locations in Texas before expanding further. It will serve items such as Churro Frappe and S'Mores Cold Brew in addition to  a cut-down list of McDonald's staples on the menu such as Egg McMuffins.

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Twitch to shut down in South Korea due to high operating costs

Streaming platform Twitch has delivered unfortunate news to its Korean community, announcing its shutdown in South Korea on February 27 next year due to prohibitively expensive operating costs, as stated by CEO Dan Clancy in a blog post on Tuesday.

Clancy highlighted the network fees in Korea as "still 10 times more expensive than in most other countries." This decision impacts a vibrant community of gamers and streamers in South Korea, prompting content creators to seek alternatives after losing their jobs and careers.

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