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In Progress


  • Quieten specific words
  • Font adjustments
  • Custom trigger words.
    • This is harder than I thought, since triggers are contextual, and simple word searches are not enough.
  • Check color accessibility for viewed-grey-color.
  • Blocked Use upstream as canonical page if it ever becomes stable and fast
    • Stable: Old links stop working on upstream. We break them intentionally, since this is a “daily news” site, but upstream ought not to break. See this link for eg.
    • Fast: Current upstream is too slow. See this report.


  • Mark articles from yesterday/today using a light/dark border on the right margin
  • Mark syndicated articles using the left margin
  • Link to Google News for further research
  • Provide a share link
  • Added podcast player
  • Hide chosen topics for home-page
  • Grey out read articles. Keep track using localstorage.
  • Un-grey articles that were updated. Use combination of article_id + last_updated
  • Redirect 404 articles to app.beatrootnews. Note: Upstream links are also broken currently, so we need something better.
  • Add sign for “developing story”
  • Fix tap target size in bottom footer.
  • Highlight words
  • Clear “read articles”
  • Create a /settings page
  • Show all articles, and mark syndicated ones better
  • Use better list icons

See /about as well, or contact Nemo for any suggestions.