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About This Site

This site is a text-only minimal version of Beatroot News [iOS], [Android], a new news app by Freemedia Interactive Private Limited.

It is maintained by Nemo, and is meant as a minimal indian news website that you can check once a day, with a reading experience similar to reading your morning newspaper.

This text-only version is unaffiliated with Beatroot News or Freemedia Interactive Private Limited.

Curation Notes

  • Only articles from today and yesterday are shown.
  • Articles marked with ❖ are “syndicated” from an external media source1.
  • The design is based on NPR’s text-only website.
  • Trigger Warnings are shown in bold, prefixed to the article text.
  • The content is updated every 30 minutes.
  • There are no trackers or ads.


  • Read articles are marked in grey. You can reset read articles in Settings.
  • Highlight words can be configured in settings, and will be highlighted across all news articles and headlines.
  • You can hide specific topics under settings.

The project is open-source, and donations are welcome:


Alternatively, please donate to the Internet Freedom Foundation:

  1. List of sources considered as syndicated: PTI, Hindustan Times, Indian Express