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Strong GDP growth, weak monsoon led to surge in India's 2023 carbon emissions: IEA

India's energy-related carbon emissions surged by approximately 190 million tonnes in 2023 due to robust GDP growth and a deficient monsoon, according to the International Energy Agency.

Despite this, the nation's per capita emissions remain significantly lower than the global average. The IEA reported a 1.1% rise in global energy-related carbon emissions in 2023, reaching a new record high of 37.4 gigatonnes, an increase of 410 million tonnes. It said emissions in China grew around 565 Mt in 2023, the largest increase globally and a continuation of its emissions-intensive economic growth in the post-pandemic period. Per capita emissions in China are now 15 per cent higher than in advanced economies.

"In India, strong GDP growth drove up emissions by around 190 Mt. But a weak monsoon increased demand for electricity and cut hydro production, contributing around one-quarter of the increase in its total emissions in 2023. Per capita emissions in India remain far below the world average," the IEA said.

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